Maggie (magbutterfly) wrote in outta_nest,

In case it hasn't been said enough, you were all amazing. And I miss this show so much, still.

The set was struck on Sunday and I have a few items belonging to you guys.

Emma - the guitar case, your pink shoes, and your character shoes
Jessy - one of your sneakers. how you left one, I may never know.
Travis - the bottom half of your shorts
Iyla - your book-format script
Mystery Owners - a truckload of scripts, a pair of black pants.

Things that belonged to the show that I don't want:
-Lucky's hats (top hat, maid hat)
-The small bowlers (that only fit Travis)
-The NBA bag
-The extra makeup

If the Tommy folks don't want these things, then I will donate them to you guys, and if you guys don't want them, helloooo trash can.

Missing ya'll
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