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Tech Schedule

This is a test schedule. Any/all problems, please voice 'em now.

I've warned ya'll this is going to be a tough tech week, just based on the length and difficulty of the show. However, it's also going to be a fun one, because you're a fun cast, and I think we all make each other laugh.

The basic rules of tech apply: show up ready to work, bring food, homework, and a sweater.

If the day is split between casts, please note you are all welcome to come to both and either watch for your own sake, or help out around the theater. There's a lot of set painting to do, and it'd be cool if everyone contributed a little something to the backdrop.

The tuberculosis rule applies to tech week. Drivers Ed, doctor's appointments, school-mandated activity...these are valid get-out-of-tech passes. Piano lessons, dance classes, etc. unfortunately take a backseat. Cancel 'em.

Everyone (especially, ahem, Tessa) please start taking multivitamins, drinking tea, taking echinacea, stay away from infected friends...basically, try to stay healthy for the show. As most of you know, one cold during tech becomes a community cold. If you're allowed to, take the day off on your first show date - Thursday for Blue, Friday for Red. Sleeping in is helpful.

Sunday May 1st:
Blue Cast, 1-4 (Louis, you're exempt from Tommy)
Red Cast, 4-7

Monday May 2nd:
Everyone 4-8:30

Tuesday May 3rd:
Everyone 4-9

Wednesday May 4th:
Red Cast 4-6
Blue Cast 6-?

Thursday May 5th:
Red Cast 3:30-5:30
Blue Cast 4:45 call, 7:30 show

Friday May 6th:
Red Cast 5:00 call, 7:30 show


In other news, we have a mall-expo problem: Jessy can't make it, nor can Rudi. Who can make it? It's on April 30th from 2-3.

If there are too many conflicts, we won't perform - whoever is available can hang out in costume and distribute flyers. Like a character in Disneyworld. Except you'll be in a bowler hat. In the Hudson Valley Mall.

My oh my.


As for the extra rehearsals, Blue Cast is this Saturday from 2-4:30 at my house. Red Cast is NEXT Wednesday (not tomorrow) from 4-6:30 at the church.


They do not move.

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