July 23rd, 2005


Out of the Nest project

Hey guys!

Just putting the word out, Nicole & I are working on an Out-of-the-Nest related project. What we need are PICTURES from your personal collections. Onstage, backstage, Chorus Line, Nightmare, Godot, Tommy, camp, Halloween party, B&W ball - all of the Nester events. If you wanna scan signed posters or programs, that's great. If you have weird backstage projects, anything written...we want all your Nest-related scrapbook stuff.

So, if it's digital, send it to me:


If it ain't digital, but you still want it in this thing we're making, you can snail mail it to

Maggie Levin
P.O. Box 323
Woodstock NY 12498

Or come deliver it to me in person at Rocky Horror on July 30th.

Love love