hey guys!

so--are we ever gonna use this again? because it sounds like fun. or it sounds funny. i dunno, soemthing to that effect.

boy it's been a while in this thing. half of the people in it don't even check livejournal anymore as far as i know. looouuuis!! Ruuudi(wait a sec, did he ever check livejournal? traavis?

arabian nights is gorgeous. we rock. but what else is new?

la la la i love you guys!

see ya'll soon and smoochies!

Out of the Nest project

Hey guys!

Just putting the word out, Nicole & I are working on an Out-of-the-Nest related project. What we need are PICTURES from your personal collections. Onstage, backstage, Chorus Line, Nightmare, Godot, Tommy, camp, Halloween party, B&W ball - all of the Nester events. If you wanna scan signed posters or programs, that's great. If you have weird backstage projects, anything written...we want all your Nest-related scrapbook stuff.

So, if it's digital, send it to me:


If it ain't digital, but you still want it in this thing we're making, you can snail mail it to

Maggie Levin
P.O. Box 323
Woodstock NY 12498

Or come deliver it to me in person at Rocky Horror on July 30th.

Love love

(no subject)

In case it hasn't been said enough, you were all amazing. And I miss this show so much, still.

The set was struck on Sunday and I have a few items belonging to you guys.

Emma - the guitar case, your pink shoes, and your character shoes
Jessy - one of your sneakers. how you left one, I may never know.
Travis - the bottom half of your shorts
Iyla - your book-format script
Mystery Owners - a truckload of scripts, a pair of black pants.

Things that belonged to the show that I don't want:
-Lucky's hats (top hat, maid hat)
-The small bowlers (that only fit Travis)
-The NBA bag
-The extra makeup

If the Tommy folks don't want these things, then I will donate them to you guys, and if you guys don't want them, helloooo trash can.

Missing ya'll


First of all
to everyone for having a terrific opening weekend.

Second of all

That's right.

We got another weekend.

So there will be another Friday and another Saturday performance, one for each cast. Judging by what I've heard, I believe Friday is going to be Red Cast, and Saturday will be Blue.

So that's Red Cast on Friday, May 20th
and Blue Cast on Saturday, May 21st
sometimes i act

break a leg

To my lovely Red (Mauve?) Cast:

Break all your legs.

I'm so proud of you. You have tackled this script, this insane show, with a ferocity and intelligence well beyond your years - and mine.

Don't stress out, I'll see you at five. By 8 PM, you'll be out there, kicking some absurdist butt. I can't wait to see what happens.

Above all, I insist that you have a good time. This is the fun part.

il directore
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-Jessy, if you could come to rehearsal at 12 tomorrow, that would be fantastic...but i shall call and ask about this tomorrow.
-WE HAVE A SET! Or half of one, at least. Anna Hafner and I spray painted all day...and it looks quite amusing.
-Rudi, Iyla, Tessa, and Travis. I congratulate you on the successful writing of your bios.

blue cast

Sorry to post this so late.

Tomorrow we will meet at the church at 5:30. We will be continuing onto another location after that - most likely the theater, if not, then my house, both of which are about 7 minutes drive from the church. If this annoys the heck out of your parents, I'll probably be able to fit all of you in my car and drive over there myself.

We can avoid the meetup issue if there's some way I can contact each of you during the day beforehand. Iyla & Emma I can get ahold of. Louis, you have a cell phone, right? And Tessa, I can always go talk to your Mom. Jessy, you're the trickiest. Anyway. Your parents, or you yourselves, will be informed tomorrow.

So, to review...if I don't speak to you or a parent tomorrow, come to the church at 5:30. If I do, go wherever I say then.



Tech Schedule

This is a test schedule. Any/all problems, please voice 'em now.

I've warned ya'll this is going to be a tough tech week, just based on the length and difficulty of the show. However, it's also going to be a fun one, because you're a fun cast, and I think we all make each other laugh.

The basic rules of tech apply: show up ready to work, bring food, homework, and a sweater.

If the day is split between casts, please note you are all welcome to come to both and either watch for your own sake, or help out around the theater. There's a lot of set painting to do, and it'd be cool if everyone contributed a little something to the backdrop.

The tuberculosis rule applies to tech week. Drivers Ed, doctor's appointments, school-mandated activity...these are valid get-out-of-tech passes. Piano lessons, dance classes, etc. unfortunately take a backseat. Cancel 'em.

Everyone (especially, ahem, Tessa) please start taking multivitamins, drinking tea, taking echinacea, stay away from infected friends...basically, try to stay healthy for the show. As most of you know, one cold during tech becomes a community cold. If you're allowed to, take the day off on your first show date - Thursday for Blue, Friday for Red. Sleeping in is helpful.

Sunday May 1st:
Blue Cast, 1-4 (Louis, you're exempt from Tommy)
Red Cast, 4-7

Monday May 2nd:
Everyone 4-8:30

Tuesday May 3rd:
Everyone 4-9

Wednesday May 4th:
Red Cast 4-6
Blue Cast 6-?

Thursday May 5th:
Red Cast 3:30-5:30
Blue Cast 4:45 call, 7:30 show

Friday May 6th:
Red Cast 5:00 call, 7:30 show


In other news, we have a mall-expo problem: Jessy can't make it, nor can Rudi. Who can make it? It's on April 30th from 2-3.

If there are too many conflicts, we won't perform - whoever is available can hang out in costume and distribute flyers. Like a character in Disneyworld. Except you'll be in a bowler hat. In the Hudson Valley Mall.

My oh my.


As for the extra rehearsals, Blue Cast is this Saturday from 2-4:30 at my house. Red Cast is NEXT Wednesday (not tomorrow) from 4-6:30 at the church.


They do not move.

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